48 above-grade floors
3 below-grade floors

Square Footage

2.1 million rentable square feet

Penthouse Floors (47-48)17,000 rsf each (approx.)
Tower Floors (8-46)40,000 rsf each (approx.)
Podium Floors (2-7)76,000 rsf each (approx.)






Harrison, Abramovitz & Harris (original)
Pei Cobb Freed (redevelopment)

Ceiling Heights

Typical Slab-to-Slab11' 10"
Unique Slab-to-Slab
47th and 48th Floor16' 0"
34th Floor13' 0"
2nd Floor14' 0"
Concourse Level 116' 0"

Typical Finished Ceiling Height

Perimeter9' 0"
Interior8' 6"

Window Mullion Spacing

Tower Floors (8-46)4' 8"
Podium Floors (2-7)9' 4"

Floor Load Capacity

50 -100 pounds per square foot, live load. Higher capacity can be achieved through reinforcement

Vertical Transportation

30 passenger elevators
2 private elevators between the 46th and 48th floors
3 freight elevators (6,000 pound capacity and 14’ maximum height)
4 escalators


Interior HVAC is supplied via a central base building HVAC system. Perimeter HVAC will be supplied via new, high-efficiency fan-coil units to be installed as part of the building renovations.

Chilled Water

The building has two, eight-inch chilled water risers, each with a capacity of 910 tons. Chilled water is available 24/7/365.

HVAC Hours

Monday–Friday 8 AM to 6 PM, except for holidays.


Six watts demand load per usable square foot, exclusive of base- building HVAC.


Four points of entry
Meet-me room with carrier infrastructure
Diverse paths from meet-me room to tenant spaces
Multiple telecommunications carriers
WiredNYC-Platinum certified


LEED-Silver certified

Access & Security

The building can be accessed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. There are security personnel at the building 24 hours per day, including interior and exterior security patrols.

Scope of Renovations


  • New high performance double-glazed curtain wall system increasing overall vision glass by approximately 60%

Lobby and Entrances:

  • Installation of prominent new breezeway entry on Sixth Avenue
  • Reconfiguration of existing entrances, reception desks, and lobby circulation to improve flow, presence and functionality
  • Restoration of all lobby features including the Copacabana-patterned terrazzo floor and art created by Josef Albers and Fritz Glarner
  • Installation of high-tech security system


  • Replacement and extension to curbside of 1271’s distinctive Copacabana- patterned paving on the plazas
  • Redesign of hardscape and landscape to allow for a more user-friendly experience including transforming seating areas, fountains, and pedestrian circulation

Mechanical Systems:

  • New high-performance recirculating fan-coil units
  • New base-building HVAC fans
  • Modernized elevators, with destination dispatch control systems in passenger elevators and renovated cab interiors in passenger and freight elevators
  • Upgraded Building Management System control