Plaza & Lobby

Make an impeccable first impression

The plaza, with its signature serpentine paving pattern inspired by the sidewalks at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, creates a unique sense of place in Rockefeller Center. We are transforming the entire plaza—replacing the original large fountain with smaller-scale elements that are more pedestrian-friendly, and adding a new breezeway connecting Sixth Avenue to the main lobby.

Plaza & lobby
improvements include

  • Redesign of plaza and ground floor while retaining signature paving and entry canopy designs
  • Reinstatement of historic breezeway providing direct access from Sixth Avenue
  • New Copacabana paving, trees, plantings, seating and water features
  • Increased prominence of the lobby along 50th Street with new floor-to-ceiling glass, increasing natural light and enhancing visibility
  • Complete restoration of iconic features in the lobby, including artworks by noted artists Josef Albers and Fritz Glarner
  • Enhanced retail frontage along Sixth Avenue and 51st Street

Reimagining a classic lobby

Building improvements include an extensive restoration and reconfiguration of the unique and historic lobby.